Writing Prompt Wednesday

Hello Readers,

I thought I’d continue with the summer theme for this week’s writing prompt. What does summer mean to you? If you’re a kid, it usually means no school! But as an adult?

Writing Prompt Wednesday, michelleconnellwrites.net

To me, summer means warm weather, strawberries, lightning bugs, butterflies, late nights, watermelon, family celebrations–a bunch of birthdays in my house, reading for fun, no school prep or teaching, more writing, picnics at the park.

What does summer mean to you? Let us know in the comments.

Happy summer!




4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday

  1. Summer means something different at various stages of one’s life. As a child, it equals freedom! As a mom it equals freedom! Unless you are a working mom, then summers are tough. Really, really tough. But now, as an empty-nester and desert-dweller, it means hot. Lots of sunshine. Lots of swimming. Lots of hot car interiors. Lots of cold drinks.
    But, in some ways, it still equals freedom.


  2. Question: when you do these writing prompts are you making them up? Are they for other bloggers to do? How do you know if the other bloggers did them?

    Sorry for all the questions! I’m a new blogger and a new writer so I’m just figuring everything out and it would be cool to have more things to write about!

    P.S. sorry if this doesn’t even make any since😂


    • Hi Alyssa,

      Yes, I post a different prompt each Wed. Some of them I use a picture or graphic, sometimes I start a sentence or ask a question. Or post on a fun topic, like cookies! Yes, others do them and post their prompts here in the comments (they are meant to just be a quick starter, not necessarily for a novel)

      It’s ok to ask questions, that’s how you learn! I’m honored that you asked me. What is your blog about? It is easier if you write about something you love or have a strong passion for, so you have lots of enthusiasm and content to blog. If you have more questions, you can email me here: mc.romwriter at gmail.com

      Thanks for stopping by and following!


      • Thanks Michelle! I will probably definitely be emailing you sometime with some questions lol & so far my blog is just short stories and just about my life. It’s kind of random because I just want to blog about my day or anything that’s on my mind at the moment that I feel strongly about! Tbh I don’t really have it all figured out yet lol


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