My New 5-Year Plan


I thought it was time I made a new 5-year plan of goals. Should be interesting to see what might happen over the next five years. You never know!

5-yr goals written in a daily planner, with writing books in background

Five Year Plan as of May 2016:

  1. Finish and publish Correspondence Encounter (currently working on edits)
  2. Publish Heir Force on Kindle
  3. Go on a writing cruise (what better way to combine writing and cruising??)
  4. Finish writing Accident Encounter
  5. Write full-time (very possible; two oldest will be out of the nest or very close to it, third child will be 15, fourth blessing will be 9, five years from now)
  6. Be able to hire a publicist/technology professional (so I can just write!)

That should do it for the next five years! How about you? What goals would you put on your 5-year plan? Let us know!



2 thoughts on “My New 5-Year Plan

  1. I love that you have a five year plan. My plans never extend past one year. This year I hope to finish writing my novel, The Air That I Breathe, and I am debating about whether or not to join Facebook. As an author, I know that it is another platform for publicity, but it is also one more thing that cuts into writing time. Being able to hire a publicist, to allow more time for writing, sounds like a good plan, and I’d love to go on that writing cruise with you, but I’ll have to sell some more books first!


    • Thank you, Kristah! It’s not original with me, but I learned about making those goals somewhere along my journey. I have to sell more books also to go on that dream cruise!

      I am not on FB either, and after reading some marketing books, FB isn’t really that helpful to translating to sales anyway. Grow your email list instead. (I am posting a review of Tim Grahl’s book, Your First 1000 Copies on Thu. at He explains why the list is more important than any other platform.)

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