Five-year Goals


Have you ever made 5-year plans? Have you come across goals written several years ago and were surprised you accomplished a few of them?

5-year goals written in a small notebook

I came across a list for 5-year plans a few days ago in an older notebook. I wrote this plan back in June 2010.

Here were the goals:

  1. Finish Cookie Encounter, including editing/making suggested changes
  2. Have Heir Force rough draft finished by Nov. 2010
  3. Finish Accident Encounter by Feb. 2011 (another NaNo novel)
  4. Get Accident Encounter edited by March 2011
  5. Be prepared to meet with agents by June 2011 (at Write to Publish conference)
  6. Go on a writing cruise in Nov. 2011


Those were some lofty goals. And Accident Encounter is not finished.

Who’s in control?

Let’s just say that life (God) can throw you a curveball. Just as a reminder who is really in control. As much as we’d like to think it is us! Ha!

Like for instance, an extra blessing in the form of a child. And a blood clot to go along with said extra blessing while she is forming in the womb.

Needless to say, writing came to an abrupt halt as soon as my hormones went into overdrive and I couldn’t hardly stand up, eat, smell anything remotely related to food, or much less read or write.

Fast Forward a Few Years (But not really all that fast!)

Some of those items on the list above however are completed. Yay! I did finish edits of Cookie Encounter last summer and it is now in book form. Yippee! There’s nothing like holding your own book in your hands, and feeling some accomplishment and pride. (Not too much, though!)

And, I finished blogging Heir Force last summer, right before starting up this blog and getting my book out. For numbers 3-6 though, I’m still working on those. But that’s ok. I have an additional blessing in my life, bringing the total to four. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am truly blessed to have a semi-career writing, while raising and teaching my kids at home. How lucky is that? It is great fun to see your kids understand how to read and let them explore the power of reading on their own.

Have you ever made 5-Year Goals? Can you share one with us? I’d love to hear what goals you have!

Truly blessed as a mom and a writer,



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