Why I Unfollowed Popular Blogs

Hello Friends,

Recently I unfollowed several popular blogs from Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins and some others. There is nothing wrong with these kind people or their blogs. But I was spending too much time responding to their webinars, ordering their pdfs, etc. and not working on my own projects.


Letting Go

Something had to go. So I clicked on the unsubscribe button.

It was like a breath of fresh air. Or that I had put down something heavy I was tired of carrying around. I find myself more focused on my own books and projects and having more time to work on them.

Will I ever resubscribe? I very well might some day. But for now, I will concentrate on my own efforts. I won’t be as distracted by other content that is usually very helpful but too time consuming for me at this time.

Have you had to let something good go? What was it? Share with us!



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