My First Experience with a Library Book Club

Hello Readers,

Here’s my follow up on my first library book club appearance. Thank you to those who wished me well last week. It went very well!

What a great group of ladies! They were all gracious and kind and asked good questions. Some of their questions were about Nick and Natalie, or Mrs. John and Mrs. White—were they based on real people I know? Nope, totally made up.

Cookie Encounter by Michelle Connell

How come some of my locations were real and some made up? Because in one of my books I’m writing, I mention Albert Pujols playing for the St. Louis Cardinals (he left, ’nuff said), Borders Bookstore (went out of business), so I used some real places that I didn’t think would change and made up others to fit the story.

They asked about my writer’s group, how long I’ve been writing (forever) and other similar questions. They were hoping the chocolate zucchini cake recipe Natalie makes for Nick was included in the book, so I offered to bring it next time.

library book club group

Overall, it was a lot of fun and I met a friendly group of ladies who love to read. And I signed their books. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Happy reading!



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