Curiosity Killed the Cat Or…

fed the writer’s brain?

black cat with question marks

I go with the latter. I am curious about a lot of things. This is good for a writer. Curiosity can feed my brain and give me plenty to write about.

Some of the things I’m curious about: WWII, books (naturally), writing (of course!), scrapbooking, homeschooling, growing my faith, learning Greek, working from home, time management, productivity, small business and marketing, a little social media (not much, not enough time!), baking (yummy!), eating healthy (more often), you get the idea.

Some things I’m not curious about: politics, presidential elections, especially this year (God help us!), the economy, taxes (less is better), most of technology (keep it simple), cars, computers (just enough to keep me going), insects, quantum physics (whatever that is), dinosaurs, etc.

Sometimes I can go off on tangents and request 10-15 library books on a topic. For instance, today I requested several on small business, writing business plans, and marketing. It seems I’m always learning about something. It’s good to be curious.

What about you? What are you curious about? Let us know in the comments.

Feeding my brain,




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