Above Suspicion: the Movie

Dear Readers,

As some of you know, I read the book Above Suspicion written by Helen MacInnes earlier this year. Her book came out in 1939 and was based on observations she had journaled about.

Above Suspicion DVD

Recently I checked out the movie version and watched it the other night. The movie came out in 1943 and starred Fred MacMurray and Joan Crawford as the honeymoon couple Mr. and Mrs. Myles.

Loved it. I smiled when I saw Frances writing in her diary the first night of their honeymoon and Richard pulling it away to read what she had written about the day she had said ‘yes’. She protested she wasn’t done with today’s entry, but he replied the day wasn’t over yet. 🙂

The movie was a very close adaptation of the book but couldn’t include every event from the book of course. It wasn’t as suspenseful as the book version, but quite close and not a disappointment as many adaptations are today.

What does this have to do with writing? If I wrote a book that was going to be adapted to film, I would want it to be as good this one. Who wouldn’t want their book to be made into a movie??

Happy reading and movie watching!



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