I’m Nutty

my current fiction stack

my current fiction stack

about books!

I’ll tell you why. Yesterday, I went to three public libraries in the area where I live. Yes, three.

I went to the first one to meet a writing friend so we could work on our books. During a break to stretch and walk around, I found three books and four movies to check out.

I worked at that library for a couple hours, then my friend and I had lunch together. Later that afternoon, the kids and I went to the military base library because they had 7 items on hold for me. Plus I found a new author to try.

After dinner, I took my son to Lego club at our city library and checked out even more books. I think if I counted only my library books right now, I have about 31 books to read.

This is why I’m nutty.

I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I step foot in a library. I think, ‘Oh, I’d like to try that author’. ‘Or that book looks good’. ‘Oh, I’ve never heard of him/her, I’ll see if I like them’.

Several of my books are on homeschooling, as I’m learning about a new way of doing things. Some are fiction, and some are either about writing or marketing. I am always learning something!

homeschooling books

homeschooling books

And this doesn’t count the three books delivered by Amazon yesterday. 🙂

Today, I’m returning to one of those libraries (the bigger one) so the kids can get more books. Am I crazy or what?

writing/marketing books

writing/marketing books

How many library books do you have on hand right now? I’m curious to know if I’m the only nutty one about books!

Happy reading!



4 thoughts on “I’m Nutty

  1. We’re nutty here about books too! I have so many started. My last day at Hobby Lobby was today. I plan on organizing all the areas where we have books and finish them one by one.


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