Sharing Some Inspiration


Hello Readers,

Yesterday I read two inspiring blog posts and thought I would share them with you.

One is from a blog called Writer Unboxed, or WU for short. There, Lisa Cron talked about how stories can inspire a nation to change their world. Read about it here:

The other blog is by Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Books. He wrote about why he will be reading more physical books this year, rather than e-books. You can find it here:

I share these with you today, because I was inspired by the first post, and encouraged by the second one. As a new novelist, I struggle with the reason to write novels. Who needs more novels? Don’t we have enough entertainment in this world?

And these two posts gave me what I needed. Yes, there is a lot of entertainment in this world. But this entertainment (books, movies, music, etc.) can be life changing to some. Even Jesus from the Bible used stories, called parables, to illustrate a point. Does this mean we should be entertained to death? No. But it’s possible that some of it can change lives.

And sometimes it can change the world.

Go forth and do your art; whether it be writing books or playing music, scrapbooking, baking, etc. Who knows, it may mean more than anything to someone some day.

What do you think about books and movies? Are they just for entertainment purposes, or can they have more value? Let us know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Sharing Some Inspiration

  1. Books are certainly entertainment, but often much more. Without physical impact books can develop character, touch the heart of an artist and shape destiny; both personal and global destinies.


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