Books! Books! Books!

some of the books read last year

some of the books read last year

Happy New Year, Friends!

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and a good start to 2016. I enjoyed a pleasant and peaceful Christmas with my family, and a calm and quiet slip into 2016.

As a writer, I am also a voracious reader. And I joined GoodReads earlier this year, setting my goal to read 80 books this year. Done!


If you’re on GR, how did you do? Did you meet or surpass your reading goals?

marketing books read/am reading

marketing books read/am reading

I also put out my own book, Cookie Encounter, and have gotten great reviews on it so far. That was my biggest accomplishment for 2015. It had been a long journey with a successful ending.

my own book!

my own book!

As you can see, books are a big part of my life. Reading, studying and writing them.

How about you? What were your biggest accomplishments for 2015? Share with us!



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