Are You on GoodReads?

Hello Readers,

I want to know if you’re on GR. I signed up in July and am still learning my way around it. I do like the recommendations that come up after I finish and log in a book. And I like the conversations in the various groups available to join. Some put out way too many emails, and I left those.

some of my writing books

some of my writing books

But it’s fun to see announcements just about books and hear what’s coming out from my favorite authors. Send me a friend request if you like, I’m not sure I know how yet.

I set my goal in January to read 80 books and I’m at 74! I think I might make it. I have several short reads in my library pile, fun Christmas books by Debbie Macomber or Anne Perry or Donna VanLiere.

They say writers should be readers and I sure am! Last year I read 77 books, so upped it just a bit for 2015. I also didn’t know then that I would put my first book out-Yay!! So, next year I’ll probably stick to the 75-80 range.

What are your reading goals for the year? Did you make one? How are you doing? If you don’t make reading goals, how many books might you read in a year? Share with us!

Happy reading!

Win these books!

Win these books!


P.S. Just a few hours left to win the books in the above picture! Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Are You on GoodReads?

  1. I love GoodReads and have discovered many great books through their website. My latest novel, Christmas in Wattle Lane, is going to be listed as a giveaway on GoodReads next week. I find listing your book as a giveaway is a good way of getting it noticed.
    I try to read as much as I can, but I don’t get through anywhere near as many books as you! I would probably read about 25 books a year. I do buy a lot of craft books as well, though, and spend a lot of time browsing through them.


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