A DIY Book Signing: Part II

Hello Readers! I sort of forgot to post this part, so here it is. Enjoy!


Waiting to sign books!

Waiting to sign books!

So, the book signing was several weeks ago already. I had a blast! It was fun to meet so many new people who came to see what this was about. My writing friends told many of their friends and it was so kind of them to come and support me.

Though I distributed close to 500 flyers, I think it was word of mouth that was the best help. There weren’t too many people in attendance that one of us writers didn’t know. In total, I sold 25 books, which is pretty good for an unknown author’s first book.

A journalist from the local paper came and asked me a few questions and took a couple photos. I’m anxious to see the results! (look for that in Part III)

People who came helped me fill a plastic tub with flour, sugar, oil, etc for the local food bank and the director was thrilled to get so many baking ingredients this time of year. (Wished I’d taken a photo before delivering it, oh, well.)

My friend Pat, also an author.

My friend Pat, also an author.

Over all, it was a big success. Thanks to all those who came!


P.S. Today is the last day to leave a comment for the fiction bundle giveaway (until 8 p.m. CT, US). The winner will be announced sometime Friday morning. Good luck!


5 thoughts on “A DIY Book Signing: Part II

  1. So sorry I had to miss the book signing, Cody, hopefully, remembered to bring the book I ordered from Amazon for you to sign. Thank you! Praise God for his tremendous blessings so far.


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