Author Questions

As I await the availability of Cookie Encounter in paperback form, I thought I would see if anyone out there had questions for me as a new author. What would you ask me?

Some experts suggest an author have a list of interview questions and answers ready for a radio or newspaper interview–which I don’t really want to do, by the way. But I thought for fun, I would see if you had any questions for me and then I could answer them later in a mock ‘interview’.

I will say that Cookie Encounter is totally fiction, and not based on my life in any way, except that Natalie and I are both writers.

If you are an author, what questions do you regularly get asked? Ask away, readers! And if nobody is brave enough to ask, I’ll list some questions and answers a little later.

So don’t be shy!




4 thoughts on “Author Questions

    • I think my favorite part about being a novelist is making up characters and telling them what to do! I’m not sure if I have a favorite part of being an author yet…since I haven’t been one very long 🙂

      For anyone wishing to start writing, the best advice I have is to WRITE. It takes discipline and dedication, and for one to call oneself a writer, one must write.


  1. I have been curious how authors know so much about the area where their characters live. Do you visit different states and towns?


    • It depends on the author. For Cookie Encounter, I set the novel where I am currently living. For another novel I’ve written but isn’t published (yet), it takes place where I grew up. Some authors do lots of research and try visiting places where their books take place, yes. And sci-fi or fantasy authors can make a place up. I am always up for exploring a new place!

      Thank you for asking, Kerrie.


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