Writing Prompt Wednesday

So last week’s prompt didn’t go over so well. 🙂 I had no takers anyway. So, here are three words for this week’s prompt:

  1. ball (the toy)
  2. sunset
  3. dandelion

Have fun with this one and let me know what you come up with! I’ll try and add mine later.



4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday

  1. My three year old great-nephew had been in the hospital for 6 long weeks. Finally, after a series of surgeries and a myriad of treatments, he was released yesterday at sunset. He seems old for his years, seasoned I would say. He stood and watched the orange ball that was the sun sink into the horizon. I pulled a couple of dandelions that had gone to seed to show him how to blow them and watch the feathery seeds drift in the wind. It may very well be my best day ever.


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