I’m So Sorry…

if you have recently ‘bought’ a free or .99 copy of Cookie Encounter. After reading the paperback proof, I have found many typos, left out words, etc. that I have since corrected in the Kindle version as well.

It is amazing to me that as many times as I have read this book (and my first readers) since I started writing it on November 1st, 2007, I can still find mistakes in it. Please don’t let these minor editing issues keep you from reading the story. And if you have the time, I sure would appreciate a review if you are reading it.

I am very grateful for my writer’s group and a friend in Wisconsin who have helped me with the final details of the book and figuring out how the Kindle and CreateSpace processes work. And for me, who is a total tech phobe, it wasn’t easy!

It’s a miracle I have any hair left.

Or brain cells.


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After finishing the paperback version and getting it uploaded several days ago, my daughter asked me for math help and all I could do was stare at the page. I had nothing left. I couldn’t help her. I am now slowly regaining/renewing lost brain power so if you ask me a question, I may be able to give you an answer!

Thank God for friends and other writers in my life who can help me along this journey. We need each other, that’s for sure! But now I can be proud of holding my book soon (it should be available in paperback in a week or so), knowing I am doing what I was born to do.

Have you tried learning something new that nearly caused you to lose your hair or patience? I’m sure there are lots of ways this happens. Feel free to share in the comments.



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