Writing Prompt Wednesdays

I thought I would try something new this week. On Wednesdays, I’ll either post a set of random words or a short sentence to get your writing juices flowing.

Today, I picked three words for you:

  1. picnic
  2. spotted (the verb, not the adjective)
  3. socks

I know, totally random, huh? See what you come up with and post your sentence or paragraph in the comments. Have fun! I’ll post mine later.



6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesdays

  1. “Meet me at noon at our favorite picnic tree,” his message read.
    I arrived just before noon so I could lay out the food and be ready. Noon came and went with no sign of him. As I reached for a sandwich, I spotted him out the corner of my eye. He was wearing running shorts and athletic socks. Nothing else.
    “Where are your shoes? And shirt?” I called out to him.
    His answer shocked me.


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