Going on a Writer’s Retreat!

This weekend I get the privilege of going on a writer’s retreat with two of my writing group members. Very excited about it! Maybe they can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong with MailChimp. And then again, maybe not 🙂 We’ll see. Technology is not my thing.

Anyway, we will be staying at a nearby lake in a boatel-that’s right. A boatel is a room very near the lake so you can easily get to your boat or fish right off the balcony. We don’t have a boat or any desire to fish, but we love being near the water where it is so peaceful. I’ll try and post pix next week.

I need to get away and enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air and some thinking and writing time! And of course a couple hands of Monopoly Deal (R)! Oh, and some laughter. And some great food.

Do you go on a writer’s retreat or have a writer’s group? I hope so, they are so wonderful!



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